Camerimage 2019 Nominations

Congratulations to Benoit Soler and Khalid Mohataseb on their nominations at this year’s Camerimage Festival!


Foals “Exits” – directed by Albert Moya

Director of Photography – Benoit Soler 






Jon Hopkins “Singularity” – directed by Seb Edwards

Director of Photography – Khalid Mohtaseb

UK VMAS 2019 Nominations

Congratulations to Daniel Abello and Benoit Soler on receiving Best Cinematography nominations at this year’s UK VMA’s!



FKA Twigs “Cellophane” – directed by Andrew Thomas Huang

Director of PhotographyDaniel Fernández Abelló




Agoria Ft. Phoebe Killdeer “Embrace” – directed by Jessy Moussallem

Director of PhotographyBenoit Soler


Also, congratulations to our clients who contributed to these additional nominated clips!

  • Best Rock Video – UK
    • Foals “Exits”  | Director of PhotographyBenoit Soler
    • Idles “Mercedes Marxist” | Director of Photography: Ben Fordesman
  • Best Alternative Video – UK
  • Best Dance Video – UK
    • Hot Chip “Hungry Child” | Director of Photography: Niko Wiesnet
    • Prospa “Prayer”| Director of Photography: Norm Li
  • Best Pop Video – International
    • Madonna “Dark Ballet” | Director of Photography: Paul Ozgur
  • Best Rock Video – International
    • The Lumineers “Gloria” | Director of Photography: Wyatt Garfield
  • Best Alternative Video – International
  • Best Dance Video – International
    • Apparat “Heroist” | Director of Photography: Ben Fordesman
  • Best Urban Video – International
  • Best Pop Video – Newcomer

TIFF 2019

Congratulations to our clients whose films have been selected for the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival!


“Blow the Man Down” directed by Bridget Savage Cole & Danielle Krudy | 

Director of Photography – Todd Banhazl

“The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open” directed by Kathleen Hepburn & Elle-Maija Tailfeathers | 

Director of Photography – Norm Li, CSC

“Castle in the Ground” directed by Joey Klein | 

Director of Photography – Bobby Shore, CSC | Production Designer – Zosia Mackenzie

“Synonyms” directed by Nadav Lapid | 

Editor – François Gédigier


“Hustlers” directed by Lorene Scafaria | Director of Photography Todd Banhazl


“Bad Education” directed by Cory Finley | Editor – Louise Ford

“The Friend” directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite | Director of Photography Joe Anderson

“How to Build a Girl” directed by Coky Giedroyc |

Director of Photography  Hubert Taczanowski

“Jojo Rabbit” directed by Taika Waititi | Editor – Yana Gorskaya

“The Lighthouse” directed by Robert Eggers | Production Designer  Craig Lathrop 

Editor – Louise Ford

“Military Wives” directed by Peter Cattaneo | Director of Photography  Hubert Taczanowski

“Wasp Network” directed by Olivier Assayas |Director of Photography  Denis Lenoir, ASC, AFC


“It Must Be Heaven” directed by Elia Suleiman | Director of Photography Sofian El Fani

“The Traitor” directed by Marco Bellocchio | Director of Photography Vladan Radovic, AIC


“Saint Maud” directed by Rose Glass | Director of Photography  Ben Fordesman


“My Zoe” directed by Julie Delpy | Director of Photography  Stéphane Fontaine, AFC


I Am in the World as Free and Slender as a Deer on a Plain directed by Sofia Banzhaf |

Director of Photography – Bobby Shore, CSC 

“It’s Nothing” directed by Anna Maguire | Director of Photography  Guy Godfree, CSC


The Lumineers “III” directed by Kevin Phillips | Director of Photography  Wyatt Garfield | Production Designer – David Storm


“Ready for War” directed by Andrew Renzi | Supervising Editor  Luis Carballar

Emmy Nominations 2019

Kudos to Cindy Mollo, who received a double nomination at this year’s Emmy Awards!



Ozark (Season 2 Episode 7) – Directed by Alik Sakharov

Editor – Cindy Mollo, ACE




Deadwood: The Movie – Directed by Daniel Minahan

Additional Editor – Cindy Mollo, ACE


Cannes Lions 2019 Awarding Creative Excellence

Nicolas Loir captures the Gold Lion for Cinematography in Film Craft, for his excellent work in The Blaze “Queens” music video!


The Blaze “Queens” – Directed by Jonathan & Guillaume Alric

Director of Photography Nicolas Loir




And congratulations to all our clients who contributed their talents on the winning campaigns at the 2019 Cannes Lions!

  • AT&T Cinema “Bus” | Production Designer: Jeff Mann
    • Silver Lion Campaign, Media/Entertainment: Consumer Services/Business to Business
  • Sprite “I love you Hater” | Director of Photography: Mattias Rudh
    • Bronze Lion Campaign, Food & Drink: TV/Cinema Film
  • Toon Blast “Arms” | Production Designer: Dania Saragovia
    • Bronze Lion Campaign, Leisure: TV/Cinema Film
  • Toon Blast “Body Double” | Production Designer: Dania Saragovia
    • Bronze Lion Campaign, Leisure: TV/Cinema Film
  • Voiceless Women | Director of Photography: Jacob Moller
    • Silver Lion, Direction: Film Craft

Young Director Award:

  • Voiceless Women | Director of Photography: Jacob Moller
    • Silver Screen, Changing the World Frame by Frame
    • Gold Screen, Charity Commercial
  • NOWNESS “I Want You To Panic” | Director of Photography: Jacob Moller
    • Silver Screen, Changing the World Frame by Frame
    • Gold Screen, Passion Project
  • The Unedited Truth | Director of Photography: Ben Fordesman
    • Silver Screen, Charity Commercial
  • Zalando “Stand by your Style” | Director of Photography: Benoit Soler
    • Silver Screen, Commercial
  • American Apparel “Panarea” | Director of Photography: Jan David Gunther
    • Silver Screen, Film School [up to 6 mins]
  • LOVE SUPREME “Lonely Feelings” | Director of Photography: Nicolas Loir
    • Silver Screen, Music Video

Now Playing: ‘White Crow’ and ‘Dogman’ and The National

Ralph Fiennes’ White Crow, with production design by Anne Seibel, and costume design by Madeline Fontaine, hits theatres this weekend!


“White Crow” – directed by Ralph Fiennes

Costume Designer Madeline Fontaine

Production Designer Anne Seibel 



Also, BAFTA 2019 Nominee, Dogman, directed by Matteo Garrone, with Costume Design by Massimo Cantini Parrini, is now playing in select theatres!



“Dogman” – directed by Matteo Garrone

Costume DesignerMassimo Cantini Parrini



The National perform tonight at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles, where they will be showcasing the album-inspired short film, I Am Easy To Find, directed by Mike Mills, and shot by Daniel Voldheim.



“I Am Easy To Find” (Teaser) – directed by Mike Mills

Director of Photography Daniel Voldheim, FNF

Anna Terrazas Up Twice for Best Costume Design at Ariel Awards 2019

Anna Terrazas scores two Ariel Award nominations for Best Costume Design on the films Roma and Bayoneta! Presented by The Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences, the Ariel Awards are considered Mexico’s equivalent to the Academy Awards and will take place on June 4th. Exceptional work, Anna!

The Oscar-recognized Roma, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, has garnered a total of 15 Ariel nominations and over 20 other major nominations in 2019, having won 9 awards so far.


“Roma” – directed by Alfonso Cuarón

Costume Designer – Anna Terrazas



Described as a “different kind of immigration movie” by Variety, Bayoneta is director Kyzza Terrazas’s second feature film.


“Bayoneta” – directed by Kyzza Terrazas

Costume DesignerAnna Terrazas

‘Her Smell’ & ‘Fast Color’ Premieres This Weekend

Her Smell, shot by Sean Price Williams with his regular collaborator, Alex Ross Perry, opens today at theaters in limited releases! Catch a showing at your nearest Arclight cinema!


“Her Smell” – Directed by Alex Ross Perry

Director of Photography – Sean Price Williams



Fast Color, directed by Julia Hart, with costume design by Elizabeth Warn, is reviewed as “A female-driven superhero movie unlike any other” by Deadline. Also opening this weekend in limited theaters, don’t forget to check it out!


“Fast Color” – Directed by Julia Hart

Costume Designer Elizabeth Warn 

Guava Island on Amazon Prime

Donald Glover’s Guava Island, directed by Hiro Murai, and shot by Christian Sprenger, premiered at Coachella and Amazon Prime this weekend!

Indie-Wire reviewed the short film as “a vibrant and energetic musical. It’s made with care and precision — cinematographer Christian Sprenger, who also works on “Atlanta” and shot on 16mm, is the absolute MVP” Congratulations on the success, Christian!




“Guava Island” – directed by Hiro Murai

Director of Photography Christian Sprenger

The British Arrows 2019

Well done to the winners at this year’s British Arrows Awards!

Nike, directed by Megaforce, shot by Nicolas Loir, was recognized as Commercial of the Year and Best Crafted Commercial.



“Nike” – Directed by Megaforce

Director of PhotographyNicolas Loir



Department of Health, directed by ThityTwo, nabbed a Silver Arrow for Best over 90-second Commercial and Women’s Aid, directed by David Dearlove, won a Bronze Arrow for Best Charity & Public Service, both spots shot by Ben Fordesman.



“Department of Health” – Directed by ThirtyTwo

Director of PhotographyBen Fordesman





“Women’s Aid” – Directed by David Dearlove

Director of PhotographyBen Fordesman