Gotham Awards 2018

The Rider wins Best Feature at this year’s Gotham Awards!


Directed by Chloe Zhao // Sony Pictures Classics

Director of Photography – Joshua James Richards


European Film Awards 2018

European Film Awards jury unveils the first round of EFA winners this year:


Andrey Ponkratov for THE SUMMER (LETO)

The production design of Andrey Ponkratov makes us really believe and feel like we are in the middle of an early 80s Leningrad summer at the very beginning of major political changes. The film sets include large open natural locations, small apartments stuffed with people and things and a claustrophobic concert hall perfect for punk rock. The research of the whole art department team supports and underlines the authentic atmosphere of the period.


Massimo Cantini Parrini for DOGMAN

Massimo Cantini Parrini’s costumes in the style of Italian neo-realism create credible characters with this  aesthetic convention. The costumes serve the film by skillfully merging with photography and production design. The color palette was carefully chosen and well balanced, adding a sense of rough poetry to the film.


Ciclope Festival 2018

Congratulations to Franz Lustig for taking cinematography Gold at the Ciclope Festival this year!


“Apple: Sway” – Directed by Sam Brown

Director of Photography – Franz Lustig



Other notable award winning projects that Artistry clients participated in:

Grand Prix: Ubisoft “Baptism” – Directed by Martin de Thurah Director of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb

Writing: Fox Premium “Who?” (GOLD) – Directed by Nacho Gayan Director of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb

Direction (90 seconds and over): Nike “Nothing Beats a Londoner” (SILVER) – Directed by Megaforce Director of Photography: Nicolas Loir

Special Category – Fashion Films: The Bogey “The Postman Dreams 2” (GOLD) – Directed by Autumn de Wilde Director of Photography: Christopher Blauvelt


Cinematography Recognition at The Gullbranson Award Show

Daniel Voldheim wins the Craft Award for his outstanding cinematography on KLP at The Gullbranson Award Show in Norway this year. Congratulations, Daniel!


KLP – directed by Joe Vanhoutteghem

Director of Photography – Daniel Voldheim 


Camerimage Film Line-Up 2018

We are pleased to announce our clients’ films screening at Camerimage this year! With cinematography by Joe Anderson, The Old Man & The Gun will open the festival as a special premiere on November 10th.  Albert Salas and Mathieu Plainfosse have also been recognized for their remarkable and inspiring work at this year’s Cinematographers’ Debuts Competition.


The Old Man & the Gun” directed by David Lowery

Director of Photography – Joe Anderson



“Obey” directed by Jamie Jones

Director of Photography – Albert Salas

The Iron Orchard” directed by Ty Roberts

Director of Photography – Mathieu Plainfosse 


Box Office Hits

“Journal 64: A Purity of Vengance” directed by Christoffer Boe with Cinematography by Jacob Moller smashed the box office with the highest grossing weekend record for a Danish film with a €39,000,000 opening.


“Journal 64” directed by Christoffer Boe

Director of Photography – Jacob Moller 

Camerimage Nominees 2018

This year’s Camerimage Festival recognizes some of our cinematographers for their exemplary work!






Florence + The Machine “Hunger”  directed by AG Rojas

Director of Photography – Evan Prosofsky

Lykke Li “Hard Rain” directed by Anton Tammi

Director of Photography – Mathieu Plainfosse 

Moses Sumney “Quarrel” directed by Allie Avital & Moses Sumney

Director of Photography – Sy Turnbull 

Sevdaliza “Shahmaran” directed by Emmanuel Adjei

Director of Photography – Paul Ozgur

Jack White “Corporation” directed by Jodeb

Director of Photography – Kristof Brandl 

‘ROMA’ Seizes Golden Lion as ‘THE NIGHTINGALE’ Takes Home Grand Jury Prize at Venice 2018

A big round of applause to Anna Terrazas and Alex Holmes whose films won the top awards at the 75th Venice International Film Festival! Anna designed the costumes for the critically acclaimed Roma, which walked away with the Golden Lion for Best Film.  With production design by Alex, The Nightingale followed closely, landing the Grand Jury Prize.


“Roma” directed by Alfonso Cuarón

Costume Designer – Anna Terrazas






“The Nightingale” directed by Jennifer Kent

Production Designer  Alex Holmes


Christian Sprenger nabs the Emmy for his outstanding cinematography on FX’s ‘Atlanta’ at the Creative Emmys this past weekend! ‘Atlanta’ is the most nominated comedy series with 16 Emmys this year. Congratulations, Christian!



“Atlanta” (Season 2, Episode 6: “Teddy Perkins”)        directed by Hiro Murai

Director of Photography – Christian Sprenger


Tiff 2018

Congratulations to our clients whose films have been officially selected for the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival!


A Star is Born directed by Bradley Cooper | Editor – Jay Cassidy, ACE

 The Hate U Give” directed by George Tillman, Jr. | Editor – Craig Hayes


Black 47” directed by Lance Daly | Director of Photography  Declan Quinn, ASC


Loro” directed by Paolo Sorrentino | Director of Photography – Luca Bigazzi


Boy Erased” directed by Joel Edgerton | Production Designer  Chad Keith

Dogman” directed by Matteo Garrone | Costume Designer  Massimo Cantini Parrini

“A Faithful Man” directed by Louis Garrel |Production Designer – Jean Rabasse, ADC

Giant Little Onesdirected by Chloé Zhao | Director of Photography  Guy Godfree, CSC  

Production Designer – Zosia Mackenzie

“Greta” directed by Neil Jordan | Production Designer – Anna Rackard

Mid90sdirected by Neil Jordan | Director of Photography – Christopher Blauvelt

The Old Man & The Gundirected by David Lowery

Director of Photography – Joe Anderson

Romadirected by Alfonso Cuarón | Costume Designer – Anna Terrazas

Wildlife” directed by Paul Dano | Editor – Louise Ford


Climaxdirected by Gaspar Noé | Production Designer  Jean Rabasse, ADC

“The Standoff at Sparrow Creek” directed by Henry Dunham

Director of Photography  Jackson Hunt


“Her Smell” directed by Alex Ross Perry | Director of Photography   Sean Price Williams


Blind Spotdirected by Tuva Novotny | Director of Photography   Jonas Alarik


Ghost Fleet directed by Shannon Service & Jeffrey Waldron | Editor –  Elisa Bonora


“The Field” directed by Sandhya Suri | Director of Photography  Benoit Soler

“Good Boy” directed by Fantavious Fritz | Director of Photography  Bobby Shore, CSC

“Lou” directed by Clara Balzary | Director of Photography  Christopher Blauvelt


“I Hope I’m Loud When I’m Dead” directed by Beatrice Gibson

Director of Photography  Sean Price Williams